Once you arrive at the studio, Kim will go over the collection you are interested in purchasing. This will determine how she proceed with your session. She will also go over our one year plan as well. With this plan you will receive your digital images on a USB drive with a gorgeous oak box to store it in. You will also receive a $1000 print credit to go towards an heirloom album or a gorgeous box with prints. We have samples in the studio so you can see and touch all the products we offer.  She will also explain the process of viewing your images and ordering prints. 

Newborns are usually done in the studio anywhere from 7 days up to 25 days. Kim likes older babies because they are no longer jaundice, they are feeding good, and they are very comfortable with their surrounding. Their skin is usually cleared up at this point as well. However, she doesn't mind doing them as early as 5 days. Kim always works with an assistant so your baby will always have a set of hands and eyes on them at all times. The studio will be very warm so dress light on the day of your session. We ask that you bring a bottle even if you are breastfeeding but this is simply a suggestion. It just makes the session go a little smoother if baby gets fussy and just needs a top-off. 



Our booking fee is $275 for a full newborn session, however if you book and pay your invoice within 24 hours of inquiring, you will receive a $75 credit, making your booking fee only $200. This includes your studio time, a consultation to veiw your gallery, and the photographers time and talent. It does not include prints or digital images. Collections are sold separately, starting at $399. The turn around time to view your gallery is 24 hours. 

Full Newborn session $275

$99 Session Fee

The “Swaddle Me Baby” experience is for those moms on a budget or those that want simple yet beautiful images of their newest arrival. This session last for an hour and is for baby only. A parent or sibling shot can be added for a fee of $49 each. Your baby will be wrapped the entire session similar to the image you see here  >>>

Swaddle Me Baby   $500

All digital images are included (30 + images depending on baby)

Client will be responsible for the banner, balloons and cake. We have a few amazing cake ladies if you need help with that. We will design the set around the theme of your choice.

We will start with a 1 year portrait session then we will get the party started with the Cakesmash. After all the fun is over, we will do the bubblesplash!!!  This is the best part! We have a cute little claw tub with plastic bubbles and we haven’t met a baby yet that does not love it. This part of your session will be done after your baby is cleaned up in the “real” tub with soap and water.  Our white claw tub does not contain water - Plastic bubbles only.

Cakesmash & Bubblesplash $499