Dear Mommy,

Here are a few tips that we send to all of our new mothers to help their session go a little smoother. Our goal is to keep your baby full, comfy, and sleeping. When they are good and asleep, we can pose and manipulate them easier and safely. When they are awake, they tend to move and startle out of their poses. It’s very important that your baby is sleeping so the session goes smoothly and we are able to capture lots of sweet images to fill your gallery. Please know that if your baby is awake, we will still get adorable images. We will just be a little more particular as to how we pose them.

It’s best to feed baby once you arrive in our studio. If baby is on a tight schedule, just let us know so we can prepare. Please dress your baby in a button-down outfit so that we are not having to pull anything over their head while undressing them. This has a tendency to make them mad. We don’t want to start our session out with a mad little one. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

Bring extra food in case they are hungry and be prepared to feed them if they wake up. Often times they just need a little top off and they go right back to sleep. If you are breastfeeding and pumping, often times a bottle of breast milk can be used during the session. This way, the baby doesn’t smell mommy and will usually go right back to sleep. This is not a must, only a suggestion. A pacifier will also help if they just need a little soothing (even if you don’t plan on using one, it will help just for the session). Our studio will be set at about 78-80 degrees so please dress light. (it gets very warm when we do the mommy, daddy, and sibling shots). Babies don’t like to be cold!!! They just spent 9 months in a warm and cozy place so they will love it. 

Are there any colors you would like us to avoid or use? What is your nursery theme? Would you like to incorporate any specific family hobbies or keepsakes (like mommy’s baby blanket or daddy’s teddy bear from when he was a baby). If dad is in the military or moms a teacher, we can incorporate that as well. We will have you fill out a newborn questionnaire so we can customize your session just for you.

If you would like to be in the photos, please wear a solid white, neutral, or a black top. Choose your accessories wisely. We want YOU and your BABY to be the center of attention. Big and bulky jewelry or accessories sometimes stick out like a sore thumb.

Thank you so much for booking with Simply Baby! We can’t wait to meet you and your new little family :)